Okay… So here it goes.. We went to Cebu last July 24-28, 2015 and it was fun, fun, fun!!!!

We arrived Mactan-Cebu International Airport at around 3PM and we headed directly to the taxi lane going to South Bus Terminal. It took us almost 1 hour to get there as the traffic in Mandaue was really heavy that time. When we arrived South Bus Terminal, we had to take our lunch first as we have not yet eaten due to our delayed flight. If you are in a hurry, I suggest you take the ordinary bus going to Oslob since the line of waiting passengers are not so long, and aircon buses arrive every 30mins-1hour. (based on-my observation)

Because of the heavy traffic, it took us about 4hours to get to Oslob.  We stayed at Gunner’s lodging house which is only along the Natalio Bacalso South Natl. Hi-way. I would like to commend the lodge’s staff, Ate Wina for waiting for us until 10:15PM to arrive safely. She even waited for us outside the lodge, and she keeps track of our location by texting us every now and then just to make sure we won’t get lost. We only paid P844 for the lodge, and it’s already good for 4pax. The room is air-conditioned too. Cons: shared bathroom and shower.

The next morning, we headed directly to Tan-awan Oslob to swim with the whalesharks. Going to Oslob Whale Shark Watching was only around 10-20mins from our hostel. It cost us P500 per head.

Note: If you plan on going whale shark watching on your visit to Oslob, we recommend placing it on top of your itinerary since visibility is best in the early morning, between 6 and 9 AM and whale shark interaction is held only until 12:00 PM each day.

DON’TS when swimming with whale sharks:

  • No using of Camera’s with flash
  • Don’t wear sunblock because it can poison the whale sharks
  • Should be 5 meters away from the whale sharks
  • Don’t make bubbles as whale sharks are attracted to it.
Oslob Whale shark Watching,  Tan-awan, Oslob

Oslob Whale shark Watching, Tan-awan, Oslob

After the whale shark/butanding interaction we took our breakfast at the shore and then headed to Tumalog Falls.

Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls, Oslob Cebu

You can ride a bus going to Tumalog Falls (Cebu signage) it was only around 10mins away or you can also take habal-habal from Oslob going to Tumalog. Upon arriving Tumalog’s jump-off, there are many habal-habal offering rides going back and forth the falls. It cost P50 for both ways. But you can take a walk going to the falls for only 10-20mins.

After checking out from our hostel we went directly to Dalaguete to climb Osmeña peak. I didn’t have the exact amount of fares going there since we rode a habal-habal from Oslob-Opeaks. Be careful in taking offers from the locals because some of them are not expert drivers unlike the others who are waiting in the Mantalongon market.

My bruises after the habal-habal crash.

My bruises after the habal-habal crash. Ouch!

The habal-habal I had, had crashed along the way to Opeaks. Good thing it was not that serious and I only had bruises on my knees. But I got really scared after that.

Osmeña Peak.

Osmeña Peak (Opeaks) 1,013 MASL. Considered as the highest peak in Cebu. , but you can hike it for 15mins.

We headed to Moalboal after Opeaks. We stayed at Sea Turtle House in Moalboal. The hotel is nice and have big bathrooms, they also offer diving adventure packages. The hotel is also 15mins away from Basdaku White Beach, it must be lowtide so you can walk by the shore, otherwise you can take the road.

Basdaku, Moalboal

Basdaku, Moalboal

From Moalboal we took a bus going to Kawasan Falls.

13-15ft Jump!

My favorite part: Canyoneering. 13-15ft Jump! This was very exciting. I’ll definitely go back to Cebu for this and will try the 30feet jump! 🙂

After canyoneering, we went to Kawasan falls,  and tried the back massage off the waterfalls. This is a must try!!

Kawasan Falls' Back Massage.

Kawasan Falls’ Back Massage.

After our activities we headed back to the hotel to freshen up as we are going back to Cebu City.

However, we have not explored the City as it rained hard the whole day so we only stayed in our hotel but we got the chance to see the famous Magellan’s Cross.

Magellan's Cross

Magellan’s Cross, Cebu City

We have stayed at GV Hotel  and Gran Prix hotel for the last two nights before heading back to Manila.

I provided a sample itinerary below for your reference. This itinerary is for couples. 🙂 Travelling groups will save more since most of them do the backpacking style.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog. We will definitely go back to cebu to try other activities! Have fun everyone!


Click the image to enlarge the Itinerary.



Hello world!

Apparently, this is my first time in or I’d rather say my first time blogging. I’m not really into writing but let’s see. I set up this blog site to track all my travels and adventures, basically this is gonna be my “public journal”. (LOL) I’d like to write here as much as I can even I don’t have ample time to do it. Hopefully, I could also help  some internet warriors and travel/adrenaline junkies (in the future) in making their travel plans. So there. Have to go! Bye!

Happy blogging everyone!